Ogan Izgi, better known as O-Gun, is a hip-hop artist born on December 31st in Florida, but raised in Haiti where most of his family came from. He is a rapper, singer/songwriter, and a record producer. He works as not only a solo artist but is also currently one of the lead singers of the Haitian group “Team Lòbèy”.

O-Gun’s love for music started when he was 10. Inspired by the legends in his family, Syto and Alan Cavé, he discovered a whole different world by listening to their songs and poetry. Enchanted by the melodies, music became his first love. He’s also inspired by other legends such as Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and Bob Marley.

On January 12th 2010 a devastating earthquake struck Haiti, and the country was in ruins. Having been extremely affected by the event, he figured it was a good time to express his feelings through music,  as Bob Marley said about the art, “when it hits, you feel no pain “. O-Gun wanted to show that music isn’t just about business or a simple hobby, it’s one of the greatest forms of expression. In response to the earthquake’s devastating effect on him and his country, he released his song ” we will rise ” to let people know that things will get better, “as long as there’s hope there’s a future”.  Through this, he found a personal way to comfort the people whom he loves so much.

They say that the success of an artist is highly dependent on the commitment of their work, so he kept on working harder and harder. O-Gun has collaborated with artists such as Pleasure P from Pretty Ricky, Zoey Dollaz, Wyclef, Scott Free, Cool & Dre , Billy Blue, Frank Kastle, Freedom, T-Ansyto , JPerry, Black Alex, Kv3D, and has been featured in the music videos of the 2013 -2014 hit songs “striptease” and “Gen de leu”. After being shot in 2014, he got right back on his feet and returned to the studio for his new upcoming album and released his latest video “Cherie Madorew” featuring P-jay. O-Gun records at Wave Master Studios, Muska Sounds and at Ogunation Studios where he records himself and also other artists. On Christmas Day 2016 he released two projects, one a mixtape titled Ogunation Vol 2 with 15 songs where he was able to showcase his real talent and The Collection which is an album with all his top hits and 4 brand new songs.

Currently working on the new album and EP, O-Gun just dropped two new video visuals. One for a kreyol single titled “Shotta” ft Steves J Bryan and the other titled “Oulalala” ft Kv3D to announce his upcoming EP. he promises to bring something new and modern hoping the listeners will be captivated by the rhythms and inspired by his melodies